SteviaLand is an international company that produces and exports stevia sweetener, seeds and leaves from the motherland of stevia in Paraguay, South America.

   **Our products.
We harvest and select the best leaves to produce our stevia sweetener.

   SteviaLand produces:
- Stevia sweetner: liquid stevia, stevia powder and tablets.
- Rebaudioside A and Stevioside.
- Stevia leaves: Output: 300-500 metric tons/year; TSG= 11-17%.
- Stevia seeds.

** Facts.
- A tradition of more than 500 years producing stevia in Paraguay.
- SteviaLand extracts are considered one of the top extracts in the world.
- Outstanding custumer service and reliable guidance.
- We have exported our productos to China, India, Malaysia, Colombia, Mexico, USA and Canada to name a few.

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  We are verified sellers.

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